CNC Plasma Cutting Services

Our Plate Pro Extreme CNC machine is a dual side drive, AC servo, gantry cutting machine that can be equipped with plasma cutting or oxy-fuel cutting tools designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. At MoFab Inc we utilize the latest rapid part technologies to provide unmatched speed, accuracy, versatility, and durability in our thermal cutting services.



What is plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting has its roots in plasma welding in the 1960s and became a very effective way of cutting sheet metal and sheet metal in the 1980s. It has advantages over the “metal to metal” cutting method. ” tradition is to produce no metal shavings, for precise cuts and a cleaner advantage over cutting oxygen fuel. Early plasma cutters were large, slow, and expensive, and therefore tended to be specialized for repeating cutting patterns in “mass production” mode.

As with other machine tools, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology was applied to plasma cutters from the late 1980s to the 1990s, giving the plasma cutter more flexibility to cut a variety of shapes” on demand. ” based on a set of programmed instructions. in the numerical control of the machine.

However, these CNC plasma cutters are usually limited to cutting flat sheet steel samples and parts, using only two axes of motion (known as X Y cutting). Some plasma cutter manufacturers build CNC cutting tables, and some cutter manufacturers have built-in table tops. The CNC table allows a computer to control the torch tip to produce clean cuts. State-of-the-art plasma CNC equipment is capable of multi-axis cutting of thick materials, enabling complex bead welding capabilities not possible.

For thinner materials, plasma cutting is gradually being replaced by laser cutting, mainly due to the superior hole cutting ability of laser cutting machines.

CNC Plasma Cutting

About our plasma cutting system

Our Plate Pro® is a metal plate cutting machine that utilizes plasma and oxy-fuel cutting technology to cut through metals up to 6″ thick.

The Plate Pro is an 8’x20′ rigid rail, rapid traverse, and multi-tool station cutting system. Utilizing a rigid beam and pedestal-mounted precision rail system, the Plate Pro provides movement to maintain critical accuracy at the Plate Pro’s high 800 IPM rapid traverse speed.

Koike Plate Pro Extreme Cutting Machine

  • True Hole Technology
  • 400 AMP Hypertherm 
  • OXY-Fuel
  • 8‘ x 20’ table

High Definition cutting capacity:

  • Steel
    Maximum 2” production 3” edge start
  • Aluminum
    Maximum 1-1/2” production 3” edge start
  • Stainless Steel
    Maximum 1-1/2 production 2-1/2” edge start


Oxy Torch cutting capacity :

  • Maximum 6” thick mild steel
  • 8’ x 20’ sheet size capacity

We also offer precision water jet cutting services.

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