WaterJet Cutting System

Your complete waterjet solutions start at MoFab, Inc. With our 6’ X 12’, 5-axis, abrasive waterjet, we can provide waterjet cutting services for a wide range of materials. These materials include (but not limited to): hardened tool steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, ceramic, nickel alloys, composites, marble, granite, glass, tile, and stone. This state-of-the-art technology offers flexibility and fast-turnaround from prototype to production. MoFab Inc. has in-house designers & detailers to assist in your waterjet design needs.


Cut Anything with Precision:

The OMAX 80X Series are bridge-style waterjet machines. All 80X models are equipped with durable, factory-aligned OMAX MAXJET 5i Nozzle and a Bulk Abrasive Delivery System. They also feature Intelli-TRAX, the high-precision linear drive technology designed exclusively for the abrasive waterjet environment. This robust and reliable system requires little maintenance and maximizes both machine time and profit margins. The OMAX 80X is ideal for cutting larger or multiple part projects.


Prototypes, production or limited runs on short notice
Smooth edges need no secondary processing
Design and drawing services available
MoFab is a full metals warehouse and can offer competitive material pricing


Precise, intricate shapes with tolerances as tight as
±.003” available
No burrs, stresses or heat-affected zones


Production directly from DXF files, CAD files, or scanned images
Close part nesting assures maximum yield
Cuts virtually any material

Material Examples

Hardened Tool Steel


Stainless Steel




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